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Association Rating:

We're searching for human associations in a dataset of linked topics.


  • In the following you will first see a screen like this:
    • On top you will find the topic ("Handkerchief" in this example)
    • Below you will find neighbours of this topic in our dataset (e.g., "United Kingdom", "Human nose", ... in this example)
    • Please quickly rate these neighbours according to the question:
      How strong is your association from the topic to the neighbour?
    • If you don't associate a neighbour with the topic, don't give any stars!
    • If you don't know the topic please skip it.
    • Please read all items even if the list is long. Skimming will break our dataset!
  • You should end up with something like this
  • Clicking "Continue", you can revise your ratings & reorder them:
    • Please do so!
    • Finally click "Submit".
  • OK, let's go.